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Accurate MOT and Tax Info Sent to your Phone in Seconds

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Keep on top of your Vehicle
Forgetting when an MOT or Vehicle Tax Payment is due can be an expensive oversight. It's extremely easily done and can be the cause of a lot of headaches. Staying up to date with the status of your vehicle can help make sure you're always road legal and can also help you to keep on top of budgeting. Click here to join today and stay on top of your vehicles needs.

Fully Automated Reminders
Our simple reminder service will ensure forgetting your MOT or Tax is due, becomes a thing of the past. Signing up takes (quite literally) seconds. All you need to do is enter your mobile number, your vehicle make and your vehicle registration number. You'll then start receiving text reminders every year, one month before your Tax and MOT are due, ensuring you never overlook it again. With the discontinuation of the paper tax disc in 2014, it's easier than ever to miss when your tax is due. By signing up to our reminder service, you can just switch off knowing you'll be reminded when it's time.

The information provided by this service is generated from the UK Government open licence and the same information is available for free if requested for directly from the DVLA. This service charges a £79 fee for the added benefit of receiving the information to your phone at a specific time. As well as reminders for a number of custom purposes - managed in your private logged in area.


As well as keeping you up to date with MOT and Tax due dates, our service can also provide the following for no extra cost

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To confirm the number is correct, we will send you a free pin to your mobile phone via text message. By pressing enter you agree to the price, terms below and that the charges will be added to your mobile phone bill.


This service is charged at £10 for 12 months access.

You agree to the full terms and conditions, that you are aged 16+ and you will be charged to your mobile account. You will be shown the due date of your MOT and tax for the vehicle registration you have entered. We will send you alert reminders by text message before your MOT and tax are due. These reminder messages are free, not charged. Information supplied through the service can be obtained for free from the DVLA. Service provided by De Veritate Sumus Ltd (call customer service on 020 3868 3632).

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